Monday, August 4, 2008

25% off Sale and The Frisco Fest is coming up!

Elizabeth's Birthday is coming up on August 14th! On this day, everything at Knit Wicks will be 25% off, nothing excluded! This is an awesome opportunity to get a bargain on that exquisite hank of cashmere or laceweight silk you've been wanting. Or to stock up on sweater quantities of your favorite wool!

Also, on August 22nd, Frisco Fest is coming and we plan to be open a bit late to be a part of the festivities that take over downtown Rogers this time of year!

We look forward to both of these fun events and hope to see you there!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Now that's dedication!

Now this is fresh! She came in to show this tattoo off right after getting it! I wish the flash wasn't on though... and I'm silly and didn't think to take another without the flash. This is a cool tattoo. Artwork applied at AAA tattoo in Rogers, Arkansas for anyone who is intersted.

Ahh...Elizabeth has returned from vacation now, and things are all back to normal! Yay!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Patiently awaiting the return of our favorite red head...

Ahhh... it's been a long week, and a pleasure to be able to come in and open the shop for you guys. Maybe I wasn't punctual like the sign said, but I did my best to open as soon as possible. So, thanks for a great week and I really can't wait for Elizabeth to get back!

The Namaste bags really flew out the door this week! Only the two clutches remain from that shipment! So, if you're wanting one in a specific color or style, next week will be the opportune time to talk to Elizabeth about ordering the one you want.

On another note, now it is time to show off something I hold near and dear:

lol... enjoy

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Namaste bags have arrived!

Yay! New Namaste bags are here! Pictured above are the new bags. We now have 1 binder in lime and turqoise, as well as 2 of the clutches pictured above, 1 pink, 1 turqoise. The binders are nice and come with a few of the needle holding inserts included. The clutches are awesome (maybe I only say this because I love, love, love mine, but...)and come with plenty of room for storing goodies. So, if you like what you see above, better get one while they last! Of course we can also order these especially for you, if another color is preferred.
Also, another shipment of the Great American Afghan books has arrived, if you have been patiently awaiting their return. This is turning out to be a fun thing to do, and it is so interesting to see all the different color combinations people are deciding to work it up in. I can't wait until people begin to finish these afghans, so I can see all of the finished projects before they go to wherever they're destined to end up.
On another note, the web page is currently undergoing heavy renovation, so if you visit it, be aware.
We hope to see you soon, and if you are participating in our Great American Afghan knitalong, don't forget to bring in your squares so that you may earn a ticket for the $25 dollar gift certificate drawing!
Cya later!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Elizabeth is going on vacation!

This coming up week, Elizabeth is going on a vacation, so the hours will be a little different than usual. This Sunday will have the normal hours (1pm-7pm)
This is what next week is looking like:
mon - closed
tue - closed
wed - noon-5
thur - noon-10
fri - noon-5
sat - 10-6 (or whenever really)
sun - 1-7

The store will be manned by the ever faithful Knitting Commandos while Elizabeth is enjoying a bit of R & R with the family. We wish her a safe and fun trip, and will be anxiously awaiting her return!

This weekend, My Knitting for Noggins donation box will be set up if any of you local folks would like to bring in any hats. But no matter what you are working on, all are welcome!
I look forward to the busy weekends that occupy my time at Knit Wicks, and I absolutely love it when the shop is full of guests!

Sorry for any inconveniences the ammended business hours may have caused, and we hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Knitting For Noggins 2008

It's official, Knit Wicks is now a Knitting for Noggins drop-off site!
Each year, the Arkansas Children's Hospital has a drive to collect knitted and crocheted hats for children and their families who find themselves at ACH. This is the 3rd year that I personally have participated in this event, and am pleased to do so again.

We will have a place set up for hats to be dropped off, as well as a raffle before the delivery of the hats. For each hat you bring in, you get a ticket (kinda like the Great American Afghan raffle), then the winner will receive a prize which is TBA.

Also, I have set up a ravelry group for Knitting for Noggins, so come on out and support this wonderful event there as well if you are so inclined.
We look forward to seeing all of the great hats that are bound to come through the doors over the next few months! We will probably ship them off around Mid-October, so still plenty of time to make a few up.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello All! Glad to see you here!

Hi, the blog is finally up and running and it is planned that there will be at least weekly posts which will include news about the shop, information about specials, and dates for upcoming classes. If you are familiar with the shop, you may see a lot of things coming to this blog that will be of interest to you. If not, we would love to have you stop in and knit with us!

We have main groups that congregate on Thursday evenings until 10pm, Saturday (from about noon until 6pm), and as always, free knitting lessons on Sundays from 1-7. The other days that we are open bring a wide variety of knitters of all experience levels to keep things moving.

All are welcome, and we hope to see you soon!